Travel report July 2015

Mr. Tautvydas Totò Rindzevicius (Toto) from July 8 to July 31 visited the project in Rwanda and pursued the sponsored children. Toto is Swedish and has Jyambere approached because he wanted to volunteer to contribute to the goals of Jyambere. He has done a lot of work in Rwanda and has an extensive record of this. He stressed the importance of the work of Jyambere and he pleaded for more aid, which should go beyond the coverage of educational and medical expenses.

He reported that many children receive one meal a day, no chair / table at home for them to do homework, sleeping on the ground and need help after school to earn a living. Sometimes the uniforms donated by Jyambere are the only clothes they have. Consequently, many children are often sick, tired or dizzy in the classroom. In the short term Jyambere should support families with clothes, mattresses, mosquito nets, tables, chairs and gas oil lamps. Toto’s report can be read here.